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As Big Retail Mortgage Banks Recede, Small Lenders Emerge

The early years of the 21st century were a boon for small mortgage lenders in the United States, at least until 2007. The bursting of the housing bubble was merciless for lenders of all sizes, but while some prominent retail mortgage banks like Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America enjoyed generous bailouts from the government to keep doing business, many small mortgage shops were forced to cease operating. [Read more…]

Readers Vote: 10 of Seattle’s Most Underrated Restaurants

When it comes to restaurants that deserve more love, there are none more deserving than these. On Friday, we opened up the comments thread (and Twitter and Facebook and tipline) to find out which places readers think deserve more love and affection [Read more…]

Where The Whales Live: Where Seattle’s Richest People Call Home

seattles most expensive home

Bill Gates Home- Medina WA



Where The Whales Live

Technically-speaking, only one of Washington’s nine-richest people actually lives in Seattle. But since most of them own substantial parts of the Emerald City and/or the businesses within, let’s take a look at where our billionaires call home. From Bill Gates to Paul Allen to Howard Schultz to Gabe Newell, the richest Washingtonians are spread out near (Medina, Hunts Point) and far (Long Beach Peninsula). [Read more…]

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