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Home sales JUMP to highest level in 5 years!!

I have sure seen a ton of growth and sales happening in the Seattle and the Tacoma area marketplace over the last 12 months. So many of my clients have had to submit offers on 3-5 different  homes before their offer is accepted, and this is not on short sales! Homes are selling in less than 30 days and that includes time to process the loan. Values have also come up in our area so much that many people can sell their home with equity and get into another home in an area they desire more.

Make sure to contact me today to talk about getting pre-approved for your next home and ask me why the Listing agent Realtors  want to sell to a client working with a local bank and lender and not a National Lender such as your BIG 3 banks you see on every corner.

I found this article below and you may find this information useful.


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