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Are you ready? New QM rules change home mortgage lending for 2014

As a mortgage originator (loan officer) for over 10 years  me and my colleagues have been waiting for this QM rule to go into effect.  What effect will it have on our clients at the end of the day in terms of higher interest rates? How many people can longer be approved? and how many can’t buy the home they wanted?  I know that some people will just say that they were qualified before, but working on loans day in and day out these make sense deals will no longer fit into that category.  They will need to get a different type of loan now and pay more in fees and interest rate to obtain that loan.  [Read more…]

Keep winter from putting chill on home sales

Northwest winters can make it difficult for your home to look its best and attract other buyers who, like you, need to relocate in the winter. The following steps can help brighten your home and make it more appealing to potential buyers [Read more…]

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