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King County and Pierce County Home sales push prices higher

I have been watching the Real Estate market get hotter and hotter the past 2 years, and most recently there are just not enough homes available to keep up with demand.  Talking to my fellow Real estate agents, inventory for available home to buy is less than 2 months and from what I understand it’s down to 6 weeks. [Read more…]

30 year fixed rates drop lower

If you have been holding out to refinance or to buy a home, the rates have continued to move lower this past week.  Many people still think that rates went higher when the Fed announced a RATE HIKE on December 16th, but that rate hike did not affect mortgage rates. That was only tied to daily funds rates that will raise the rate on your auto loans, credit cards and other installment loans from banks. Since Mortgages are tied to the Bond Market, they Rate Hike doesn’t directly tie to mortgage rates.   If you are looking to buy or refinance a home please reach out to me and I will help guide you through the process and help you every step along the way.

Bruce McLaughlin

1st Security Bank [Read more…]

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