Bruce’s Technology Corner


So many of us love technology and what it can do to help us day to day, and I am no different as I grew up in a home where my step-father Hank had 4 computers going at once back in the 1980’s. That was so cool to me when I saw all his computers set up and the HAM radio and then we had this HUGE satellite dish out back for our TV!!

NO this is not Hank, but this is how big that satellite dish was that was on our home!


Since then I have learned more and more about computers and technology and I am always looking towards what is new and up and coming.   My wife laughs at me when I want a new gadget, or a new TV because of some small change to it! So if you are like me then YOU will like what I have to add to my website!

If there is something you are looking for or not sure what to buy, ASK ME and I will help you out!

Bruce McLaughlin

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