U.S. Real Estate Faces Lowest Inventory in More Than a Decade

Puyallup Housing newsResidential real estate has gone from dismal to a sellers’ market in just over a year. Once home prices stopped finally declining in early 2012, investors picked up their pace of acquisition in regional markets that where particularly affected by the housing downturn: Phoenix, Las Vegas, South Florida, and various markets in California. Inventories in those markets quickly tumbled, but that same situation is spreading to other metropolitan areas. [Read more…]

How the Budget Sequester Directly Impacts the FHA


FHA loan Puyallup WA As the political showdown over the United States budget deficit continues with the early days of the sequestration, government agencies are beginning to asses the impact of the sudden spending cuts. [Read more…]

Home Sales and Prices continue to improve in Pierce County

Pierce County Home sales


The higher home price and sales momentum that showed up toward the end of last year in Pierce County continued into January as both prices and sales rose sharply, according to Northwest Multiple Listing Service data released Tuesday. [Read more…]

FHA loans are getting more pricey

WASHINGTON — If you want to buy a house with minimal cash by using an FHA-insured mortgage, here’s some sobering news: Thanks to a series of fee increases and underwriting tweaks — the most recent of which were announced Jan. 31 — FHA is getting steadily more expensive, and may not work for you. [Read more…]

As Big Retail Mortgage Banks Recede, Small Lenders Emerge

The early years of the 21st century were a boon for small mortgage lenders in the United States, at least until 2007. The bursting of the housing bubble was merciless for lenders of all sizes, but while some prominent retail mortgage banks like Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America enjoyed generous bailouts from the government to keep doing business, many small mortgage shops were forced to cease operating. [Read more…]

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