How 3 Small Businesses Succeed at Google+

Whether Google+ is right for most businesses has yet to be seen, infact even a former Googler hasquestioned Google’s focus on making Google+ a success. Nevertheless, some businesses have made outstanding progress using Google+, especially these three small businesses in particular. Learn what they’re are doing right and apply it to fit the social plan of your small business.

The Pablove Foundation


The Pablove Foundation’s mission is to fund pediatric cancer research and treatment, as well as educate and empower cancer families by improving the quality of life for children living with cancer. The foundation has seen extensive success on Google+ far greater than many big name companies you would come to expect being influential on any social platform. What are they doing on Google+ to succeed?

  • Sharing photos from community events – Highlighting workshops, marathons and other Pablove events in photos on their Google+ page has proven to be one of the most successful ways of engaging their audience. The photos they share give their community an insiders look into how the foundation is helping children deal with living with cancer and how they too can join in with a donation of time, companionship or money.

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