What is Google Chromecast?

A few years ago Google Released the Chromecast audio device for your TV and radio I was quick to get 1 (OK actually 3 of them) for our home at a cost of only $35.00 per device.  This device turns any TV into a smart TV but with a unique twist!  Typically a smart TV (which almost every TV sold has this) will have you scroll with the basic remote that controls it, so scrolling through Netflix or Pandora can take a while especially typing out names when you have to go up and down through the alphabet with arrows!  The Chromecast allows you to use your Phone or tablet to control the content and then CAST the item to the TV of your choice in the home (as long as each location has a Chromecast device).

Google Chromecast review from Bruce McLaughlin

The device is quite small and easy to setup, just plug it into your TV or Stereo though an HDMI input and then plug in the power source to the TV or the wall outlet (plug included) an it is ready to go. Add the Chromecast APP to your device and then follow the prompts to connect the Chromecast to your network.


What I personally like about this device VS. the AppleTV is that this will work with any Android device or any Apple device including any Laptop/desktop computer. Meanwhile AppleTV will ONLY work with an Apple device.  If your home is like mine,  your wife (or roommates) may not have the same device and AppleTV won’t allow  access to your music or movies without an Apple product.   Google wins in this area hands down, you can setup the Family account for Google Music and  Google movies and share this stuff without the crazy fees!  Google Movies work on any device or laptop so you can easily stream movies you rent or buy from any device to any room. This will also work great with a number of other APPS such as Netflix, Pandora, HBOGO, VIMEO, YouTube, Spotify etc.

Take a look at the Google Page and see if the Chromecast would be a great addition to your home    Click HERE for the Google Chromecast



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